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Game Development Update

There are some extremely exciting projects in development in the Infosoft games studio. We are not only working on some updates and extra content for your favourite games at the moment , but also are beta testing some new concepts that we are very excited to share with you very soon!

After all…We make games that you like to play.

Private Army Alliance – Soft launch

We have released a soft launch of our upcoming game Private Army Alliance.

Android version is now available HERE

Please download it and let us know your feedback via a build in feedback button.

Private Army Alliance – Dev Build Testing

We are currently testing our new game. It will be a real time strategy with modern warfare army assets. You will be able to fight other players in real world locations. Here is a sneak peak at our menus where the battle area will be picked.

World Map

Rescue Helicopter Hero – released

We have released another new game for Android and iOS.

Play our new Rescue Helicopter Simulator game and help civilians stuck out on the sea or in hills, work as an flying ambulance.

Help the army and transport their tanks to the base up in the mountains.

Use a massive magnet to pick things up and move them.

Firefight bushfires with water from the nearby lake.

Android Version

iOS Version



Northern Dragons VR – Released

We have released our first VR Game : Northern Dragons

Get it on Side Quest –

​Help Orla to save her ancient Irish village. There are 3 levels that will guide you thru getting ready to fight mythical creatures. In Level 4 you will have to kill 3 dragons before they burn down the village. In Level 5 the Grey Walkers will attack you each equipped with their own bow and arrow. Survive and complete all the levels to save the kingdom and Orla.

Please download it and give us your feedback.

Mischief in the Suez


Based on the recent real world event of Ship Stuck in the Suez…
Mischief in the Suez is a fun hyper-casual game

Mischief – cause havoc in the Suez canal by driving the ship like a crazy drunk sailor.

Drop containers – the more containers you drop the more havoc you cause and the more points you earn.

Finish quickly – the faster your clean the deck of your ship the more points you earn.

Try the prototype of the New Game Idea here:   Download APK for Android from here

Forgotten Gods

3000 BC, Somewhere in the Indus Valley, South Asia

You are a citizen in a city of 35,000 people
There are aliens from other worlds living among humans

They have advanced technologies and weapons
These aliens are who we call the gods

There are different Species of Aliens:

Greylings came to help human race to prosper and advance.
They are friendly, non-violent unless they are provoked to defend themselves.

Sitamorfs are greedy, violent and want to make humans their slave workforce. They have crash landed on earth and are stranded here. They need to fix their energy source to leave.

Maharians they are sworn blood enemies of the Sitamorfs and the want to see them destroyed. They are smart and calculated.

Try the prototype of the New Game Idea here:   Download APK for Android from here

New Game – Help Unstuck this ship!

Stuck Ship: The New Suez Crisis

This time is SERIOUS!

Good people of Europe are waiting for their Amazon Parcels. The parcels are all stuck aboard this ship!

Please help them they are all locked down and they need their stuff or they will be bored!

What happened? Some wind blows, driver was playing on his  phone, whatever happened the ship is now Stuck for real…

Use Cranes, Excavator, Tugs to get it out as soon as you can or you will have to pay the $900 million fine!!

Help here if you have ANDROID:

Help here if your APPLE phone is missing a bit of the apple:

JugV enters Public Beta

Our first Multiplayer Battle Royale game with a twist enters Public BETA on Android.

JugV is our new game that combines well known genre of Battle Royale with a twist that you can only use primitive weapons such as Knives, Bows and Arrows.

Come and battle it our on our beautiful Cullycross Island.

Please Note that JugV requires an Android phone with at least 4GB of RAM.

Public Beta has now been closed.

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